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Social challenges, economic trends as well as the future topics digitalization and sustainability are revolutionizing the entire equestrian industry. Equestrian competition stables and their staff have to remain competitive, meet new challenges and think in a future-oriented way.

The Equestrian Stable Management certificate program enhances your knowledge with modern industry-specific topics from the equestrian sector. Benefit from a strong collaboration between CHIO Aachen CAMPUS and RWTH International Academy: Experts in equestrian sports meet high-quality teaching.

  • Build a broader professional perspective and competencies in the international equestrian sports business

  • Enable an efficient and innovative work design/structure to manage the modern challenges of your equestrian stable

  • Drive the modern development of the equestrian sports business with a professional approach to handling horses, combined with sound management skills and innovative thinking

We believe in a professional approach to handling horses, combined with sound management knowledge and innovative thinking to promote the economic and modern development of equestrian competition stables. (Stefan Knopp, Head of CHIO Aachen CAMPUS)

“When I am in the ring, it is down to me and my horse alone. But there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes. The entire team plays a totally decisive role in every victory I achieve.”

Henrik von Eckermann, patron of the program

We offer the program in two individual concepts to meet your needs depending on your level of education:

Equestrian Stable Management – Junior Program

Choose this program if you have completed vocational training or a degree and want to enter the profession as a stable manager.

Equestrian Stable Management – Senior Program

Choose this program if you have been involved in the stable business for many years and are looking for a new perspective.

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Paulina Köster

Program Manager

RWTH International Academy

Paulina Silva Ribeiro

Program Manager

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Experts in equestrian sports and high-quality teaching


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