Equestrian Stable Management – Senior Program

Bring your equestrian stable management competences to the next level

You are an experienced horse groom, stable manager, or professional rider? And you want to professionalize and expand your knowledge and competences in the management of an international equestrian sport stable?

This program addresses both the lack of well-educated managers at high-class sports stables and gives experienced employees/workers in equestrian sports the opportunity to reach higher positions with more responsibility and less physical work.

Due to the high workload of employees in equestrian stables, the online course system allows for completion on a part-time/extra-occupational basis. Moreover, employees of equestrian businesses, such as grooms or riders, usually have sound equine knowledge. Accordingly, participants of the Senior Program acquire advanced business and administrative knowledge taught by the renowned RWTH, combined with further equestrian know-how supplied by experts from the CHIO network. In addition, on-site events with international experts from the equestrian sport business provide insights into practical cases and enable networking with potential employers.

This program is designed to motivate participants to think outside the box, take on leadership roles, integrate an efficient working structure and develop the business in a strategic and forward-looking way. After one year of study, the participants will be awarded with the recognized “Senior Equestrian Stable Manager” certificate.

“When I am in the ring, it is down to me and my horse alone. But there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes. The entire team plays a totally decisive role in every victory I achieve.”

– Henrik von Eckermann, patron of the program

As a Senior Equestrian Stable Manager you

  • broaden your career perspective by taking on greater responsibilities in your stable/company and profit from having to do less physical work

  • think outside the box, take on leadership roles and develop your stable in a strategic and forward-looking way

  • advance your stable management and horse performance competences

  • learn strategy and marketing principles for equestrian stables

  • develop interpersonal, social skills to motivate your team

  • apply your knowledge directly to your job

  • benefit from high-quality, digital teaching that is flexible in terms of time and place

  • expand your network in the equestrian industry and learn with peers

High level combination between equine and business management

The program is divided up into eight modules covering advanced stable management, horse performance, stable strategy and marketing as well as HR and communication. Complete the learning units parallel to your regular job, as the course is designed on a part-time basis. Integrate your everyday and long-term professional experience, exchange ideas with the other participants and apply the new knowledge directly on the job.

There always needs tobe somebody in modernequestrian businesses, who retains the overview. Learn how to analyze and optimize the operating processes. Improvement measures can entail modifications to the organizational structure and/or the implementation of digital tools. Get to know softwarethat helps you keep an eye on the key data of all horsesand automate the recurring processes in your establishment.

Budgets and financing models have to be taken into account for every investment. Learn how to calculate efficiently, weigh up risks and measure the effect of your investment–whether you are improving the training facilities, purchasing horse transporters or expanding the stables. Using the right methods you can convince your establishment to invest in purchases, activities or marketing measures.

International sport horses are top athletes. Important scientific training diagnostics and the vitalsigns should be taken into consideration when drawing up a health-preserving and performance-promoting training plan. Bring your horses into top form based on individual training and competition schedules and with the aid of manual and digital tools.

The equestrian sport is built on a partnership-like relationship between the horse and rider. Unfortunately, the equestrianworld is overshadowed by current scandals and concerns about animal welfare.The basic principles of equinewelfare and also the justification of the equestrian sport are addressed and discussed here.You will furthermore learn the important veterinarian regulations that apply for national and international shows, so you can optimally care for and prepare your horses and avoid doping.

All people involved in the equestrian sport are passionateabout what they do. However, modern stables are economic enterprises, which have to be run strategically to achieve their goals. Get to know methods that allow you to develop the individual strategy for your business and work out the respective measures. Put your plans into practice and achieve growth, efficiency and make your equestrian business competitive as a result.

Occupy yourself with the external image of your equestrian establishment. What is your branding like? How is the brand perceived? How attractive is your business for horse owners, riders, sponsors and dealers? Carry out small-scale market research and take a look at the cost/benefit ratio of your advertising activities to justify your decisions and generate an authentic image of your equestrian sport business.

The horses are the core piece of every establishment –as well as its employees of course. Learn the theoretical know-how about how to be a good employer. Because nothing is more important than a motivated team of professional riders, grooms, technical and administration employees. In this module you will occupy yourself with recruiting, teamculture as well asthe promotion and evaluation of employees and their skills.

So that you can carry out all of your tasks as a Stable Manager well, it is essential that you possess good communication skills. This module will not only teach you how to run your team internally, give the right feedback and solve conflicts, but also how you can convincingly present and negotiate your intentions to horse owners, sponsors and show organizers.

Excellent online teaching with on-site events powered by RWTH and CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

The program is designed by specialists from both practice and science. This enables the exchange about professional solutions for the fulfilment of complex tasks in the equestrian world.

Online teaching

Theoretical input is delivered online in practical learning units. To guarantee highest quality standards and flexibility, the teaching alternates between live sessions, on-demand videos and self-learning material.

Learn from keynote speakers, RWTH professors and equestrian experts of worldwide renown. Their personal support and individual feedback ensures you the best possible learning environment.

On-site phases

Meet the other participants at the welcome and farewell events and for the summer highlight at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. During the CHIO Aachen World Equestrian Festival, you can mingle with experts and broaden your network for your future career.

Your degree

Upon completion of the program you receive an official Micro Degree from RWTH Aachen University and a CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Certificate.

Become a Senior Equestrian Stable Manager now!


  • 3 years of relevant work experience as a horse groom, stable manager, or professional rider
  • good written and spoken English

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Paulina Köster

Program Manager

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